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Sunday, September 11, 2005


BTK Strangler --

Mr. Rader lacked the fellowship and guidance of other "deceivers", who could have imparted a developed, institutionalized structure for the discipline he needed to be the BTK strangler. He had to make up his own ritual and rules. He didn't know the terms of the deal between Kali and those inclined to follow her way.

The result was a perverse expression of the same forces the followers of Kali must know. Since there was no agreed upon reward, Mr. Rader grabbed upon the handiest gratification: sex. There were no accomplices, so he could yield to the temptation to deviate. But these all point to a complex yet focused logical construct: the protracted planning, attention to omens, and the desire to strangle.

After watching his allocution on Court TV, I am convinced he remains a believer. He just doesn't know exactly what it is he believes so strongly. I'm on the case.

Update: Perhaps Mr. Rader feels better now that he has confessed.


Blogger Dadgum said...

And the award for serial killer of the year goes to..........Dennis Rader!

It would be cool if you could interview the old BTK cat, MrG.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Mickey said...

Why? WTF could this idiot have to say?

4:45 PM  

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