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Sunday, June 06, 2010

The next takeover target for Obama: the news media

Will it come to this?
The president is doing it by the book. The Socialist Revolution by the numbers has it that the schools go first, then the legislatures and the courts. Next comes the nationalization of private industry and services by calling a crisis, then bailing out in exchange for control. What is next? Why now?

Recent noises emanating from the Federal Trade Commission (See: FTC Suggests 5% Consumer Electronics Tax to Save Newspapers, and FTC floats Drudge tax) indicate that the federal government wants to take more control of the news and information industry. The old ad-driven print media and the ossified TV News model having both failed to adapt to the electronic data age are floundering. The malaise has settled in to the point that some of the post-election Obama shine is wearing thin. Now is the time for Congress and the administration to announce that there is a crisis in the world of journalism. Only 'sweeping federal legislation' that would 're-make journalism' can save the precious institution, our 'free press'.

The Main Stream Media, Socialist-educated and early smitten with the 'historic' black president, will gladly fall for a federal bailout/takeover scheme. It will put money in their pockets quickly, absolve them of any duty to report critically or even competently, and punish the successful segments of the news media, the ones that adapted to the new ways by offering a product the people wanted: honest, critical reporting, instead of Socialist ideology.

Once the news media are in the federal bag, all manner of Socialist engineering of our everyday lives become possible. We will be molded into the "New Man" that all Utopian schemes require. At least, that is how it works out in the Socialist playbook. History, of course, suggests that it never turns out that way. Rational economic analysis also indicates that Socialist systems are doomed to failure. Even a sociological/anthropological view would have human nature remaining a constant in the face of government machinations to change it.

America careens into the Marxist nightmare in the face of science, history and common sense.
Think it can't happen here? How much of what this Congress and the Obama administration have already done to our great nation did you expect on election night?



Blogger theMickey's said...

The liberals clapping their hands with glee as they get sucked into the vorhees.

12:55 AM  
Anonymous Ben said...

IT happened, but like you said(history),"Rational economic analysis also indicates that Socialist systems are doomed to failure."

That's what we're HOPE(ing) for, cuz we dont want to believe Obama is a a socialist, commie, marxist...zence, we aren't getting too shook up about it, yes?

7:08 AM  
Blogger Dad Bones said...

Things won't be good if Romney gets in but they'll be a disaster if Obama is reelected.

6:42 AM  

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