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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

UnHoly Toledo/margaret ann pahl

.....or, my what big hands you have.

Margaret Ann Pahl was born in 1909, one of 9 children to farmers, 65 miles from Toledo.

It was of no surprise when she announced her intention of becoming a Sister of Mercy( S & M) after graduating high school.

"She'd been called to be a nun. She just knew," said her younger sister, Catherine Flegal, now 90.

For her part, Sister Margaret Ann was trained as a registered nurse. She became director of Mercy's school of nursing and later administrator at St. Charles Hospital in Oregon and Mercy Hospital in Tiffin.

The day b4 her death, this nut for neatness complained about the chapel "not being ready yet." It was the last time anyone would ever hear her bitch.

She arose at 5:00am, proceeded to do what nuns do, and made her way to the kitchen. After a breakfast of HailMary's ala carte, she went to a storage cabinet for cleaning cloths and incense.

At 8:00am a fellow-ette nun, found her partially disrobed on the marble floor in a sexually suggestive pose. She was stabbed 30 times.

She was, and still is, dead.

Twenty five years later her secular boss, a priest at the same dump she was found in, was arrested.

Investigators thinking of the franklincreditunion immediately jumped on a cult like ritual the priests had allegedly participated in, according to several eyewitnesses. Several "folk" came forward on the heels of the catholic clergy boogymen scare and testified they had been victims.

They spent several days last month trying to determine if there were any connections between the women's allegations and a loose-knit group of church lay members who gathered on church properties while dressed in nuns' clothes.

Police interviewed Jerry Mazuchowski, 53, a church lay minister and retired Toledo public school teacher who founded the group known as Sisters of Assumed Mary, or SAM. He said he told police detectives that his group did not break church laws.

"We did nun drag," he told The Blade. "We gave each other nuns' names. It was nothing but absolute fun. Camp. Foolishness."

What the hell is nun drag? Camp???

My mom always said, "Where there`s smoke, there`s fire"

Wanna know more?
I dont blame you, but if you do... you can start here.
and here
_____True story

This article has prompted me to do some research into a friend of (the)my family that was sent a bomb in the 60`s. It was sent by a disgruntled husband who found out his wife was cheating on him. He committed suicide after his bomb blew our family friend out the front door. I went to the funeral....closed casket.

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