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Monday, March 12, 2007

Idol Worship Starkweather

When I was a little kid I lived in grand island, nebraska. We lived across the street from a giant park(stolley state park)..

Us kids spent almost all our time over there, sometimes all day. If we did`nt get too far into it , we could always hear mom yelling for us.

It was the late 50`s when Charlie made the news. Him and a girl were rumored to have killed some folk and it scared the shit out of my mom, more for her safety than ours, I learned later.

Charlie got his 1st trophy on 12/1/57. He killed a gas station guy who refused to give him "credit" on a stuffed dog his g.f wanted. Raging like a mofo, he came back the next night, took the attendant hostage, then took him to a remote location and in scuffle for the shotgun, Charlie wounded him; then killed him.

The second trophies January 28, 1958, while his g/f(caril ann) was at school Charlie went to her folks house and got into an argument w/ her parents. Charlie killed m&d, then strangled her 2 yr old sister.

This was reported by caril`s grandma and the hunt was on.
Incidently, this was the murder(s) that freaked out my mommy.

My mom was a ding(mental), hysterical and had phobia`s up the ying yang.
"No more park till he gets caught!" she seduced.
Hey, maybe she did love us, nah; must of ben 4 the neighbors, so they would`nt think she was unfit....

"Starkweather had shot and stabbed seven people to death by then. Over 1,200 police officers and National Guard members searched for the couple, who were finally arrested in Douglas, Wyoming. Upon being discovered by a Wyoming State Trooper, Caril ran to him, yelling something to the effect of "It's Starkweather! He's going to kill me!"

Here`s the victims:

1. Robert Colvert (21), gas station attendant
2. Marion Bartlett, Caril Ann's stepfather
3. Velda Bartlett, Caril Ann's mother
4. Betty Jean Bartlett (2), Marion and Velda's daughter
5. August Meyer (72), Starkweather's family friend
6. Robert Jensen (17)
7. Carol King (16), Robert's girlfriend
8. C. Lauer Ward (47), wealthy industrialist
9. Clara Ward, C. Lauer Ward's wife
10. Lillian Fencl (51), Clara Ward's maid
11. Merle Collison, traveling salesman

Now that everything was back to normal we could start going back to the park.

The 1st thing I did was kill little animals.

Thanks for the vibe,Charlie




Blogger Dadgum said...

Good post. And that picture of Charlie suggests killing wouldn't be physically or morally difficult for him. To borrow from Oliver Stone, a "natural born killer".

6:56 PM  
Blogger Mickey said...

I know he sure scared the hell out of my mom....and the phobia was spilled over on us kids.

I know nothing more...except I`m still scared, okay?

8:46 PM  
Blogger ultimate lyric said...


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