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Friday, October 30, 2009

Murder by Cancer

Did you hear about the poisoning at a US college yesterday(harvard)? In the coffee?
Made me think...

In my town back in the 70's, I knew a guy (StevenHarper) who poisoned a family because the female married someone else instead of him. Guess they used to be an item. Steve was burned badly when he was little and always self-conscious about it. He excelled in academics to keep his mind off his mug, I guess.

He was working in a lab at college when he came across poison to kill folk. He snuck into her house and put it in the lemonade & milk killing one friend of hers and a baby but not her; poisoned about 6 peeps.

They sent his ass to the be executed. He committed suicide on meth Row. Year or two later they did away w/ executions.

Funny how shit works out, eh hoser?

If the stinkLink don't work, just google Steven Roy Harper

Here's the article, sue me

Man Receives Death Sentence in 'Murder by Cancer' Case

OMAHA (AP) -- Steven Roy Harper, who prosecutors say set out to commit "the first murder by cancer" was sentenced today to die in the electric chair.

Douglas County District Court Judge James M. Murphy imposed the penalty on Harper, who was convicted of two counts of first-degree murder for poisoning two persons with a cancer-causing rocket fuel additive.

Nebraska law sets the sentence for first-degree murder as either life imprisonment or death in the electric chair.

Harper was convicted Oct. 5 of murder in the deaths last year of Duane Johnson, 24, of Omaha, who married Harper's former girlfriend, and Johnson's infant nephew, Chad Shelton.

The two died within a week after consuming lemonade and milk from a two quart container in the Johnson home that had been contaminated by dimethyl nitrosamine, and anti-corrosive rocket fuel additive known to cause cancer in laboratory rats.

Prosecutors said Harper stole the lethal substance from the Eppley Institute for Cancer Research, where he worked as a lab assistant.



"..1st condemned prisoner to die while awaiting execution on Nebraska's death row since Steven Roy Harper in December 1990. Harper died of an overdose of a drug used to control the side effects of other drugs he was taking to treat a mental illness."

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